Solar Project

To date we have undertaken a number of studies that can be used to assist in the submission of an application to the Ontario Power Authority for new large solar projects or for the opportunity to develop new energy projects in our area of northern Ontario.

We have been very busy over the past two years and we will continue to do more work this year.  To date we have completed the following key studies:

  • Irridation Study to study the sun regime at the site and to see how many sunlight hours of production could be expected from a solar farm at that location;
  • Pre-feasibility Study including the preparation of financial models;
  • Traditional Knowledge Assessment;
  • Noise Study;
  • Site Engineering Analysis;
  • Water Bodies Study; and
  • Work on a Corporate Structure

We have also been active in hosting membership meetings on-reserve to make certain that people understand the project and how it is progressing.  To date the support for the project has been overwhelming.

If we get additional financial support from EcoEnergy in 2013-2014 the First Nation will complete the Natural Heritage Assessment and the Phase 1 and Phase 2 Archaeological Assessments.  This will leave us in a position of being able to complete the Project Description Report and Business Plan should a call for proposals happen during or after this work has been completed.

Our goal is to have a ready-made project that can respond to a public call for new solar generation projects.  This readiness will bode well for any call from the Ontario Power Authority or it can be used for participation in projects such as the Greenstone Gold development or potentially for the Ring of Fire.

If you have any questions about the Solar Project, you can contact our lead consultant Aboriginal Business Network at (519) 580-3150.

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