Election Code

The Election Code has been finalized and is available HERE.

Chief and Council have been working on new initiatives to meet the requests of the membership.  Members have been asking for an election code for the past number of years and the First Nation has received funding from the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) under the

The current plan is to develop a schedule that will see the work on an election code begin in February 2014 and will be completed by September 30 2014 when a referendum will be held to approve a member-based election code.

A series of workshops will be held at the First Nation and others will be held in Thunder Bay to get members engaged in the process.  In addition, this website will be used as a conduit to getting feedback from members who are not resident on reserve or living in Thunder Bay.

A presenation of the Long Lake Election Code Project Overview is available here: Long Lake Election Code Project Overview

The presentation discusses:

  • Introduction
  • Background Information
  • Project Overview; and
  • Meeting Schedule

One of the goals of the project is to ensure that all meetings will be held on the weekends to improve member participation.  The plan is to engage in an initial two-day session in February 2014 to allow input into the various issues that the members want to see discussed and dealt with during the development of the Election Code. 

The current schedule will see the workshops take place until late March 2014.  A link will be available on this site to allow members the opportunity to provide their input at each stage including issue identification and feedback on the workshop reports that will also be posted.  We will continue to allow written feedback during the entire process but we hope to have all of our feedback on the critical issues that are being discussed and debated no later than April 15 2014.

A draft election code will be written in late April and early May 2014 and then the draft code will be rolled out to the membership in May and June 2014.  The final code will be prepared in July 2014 and then a referendum will be held in September 2014 to approve the election code.

If the First Nation membership approves the election code then the first election under the new code will be held in January 2016.

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