Economic Development

Over the past couple of years Long Lake #58 First Nation has continued to work on its economic development portfolio by focusing on projects that can help our First Nation expand its presence in northern Ontario and create income or employment that will help sustain our First Nation in the future.

The list of projects that we have been involved with include:

  • Establishing Azaahdi-Wag as an economic development corporation that will support local efforts through economic development planning and coordination and can provide financial support to individual projects with funding that contributes to feasibility studies and business plans;
  • Preparing for the long-term energy needs of the north by examining opportunities in solar power including the construction of a solar farm that would be owned and operated by the First Nation and would be housed exclusively on the First Nation;
  • Preparing for the eventual construction of new mines both in our traditional territory and those that will impact that territory. Our primary efforts have been focused on the construction of a warehouse and the formation of a logistics business that would take advantage of our strategic location at the junction of Highway 11 and the Canadian National Railway tracks;
  • Reorganizing the General Store to ensure that we can take advantage of strategic business opportunities as our First Nation continues to grow and expand. Our new corporate structure will allow us to expand our store when the time is right and to diversify the kinds of businesses that operate on at the plaza. We believe that we are now positioned to look at new business growth and to see what additional services we can provide to our members; and
  • We have undertaken a labour market survey in December 2011 that has given us new insight into the skills, capabilities and interests of our members living on-reserve or in close proximity to the reserve. This information will be valuable as we plan for new businesses, community growth and for participation in the development of natural resources projects across northern Ontario. 

Over the next several months Chief and Council and Administration will also be working on a number of opportunities that have arisen as a result of what is happening in our area of northern Ontario. These projects will continue to move forward through various phases of development and we will continue to keep you informed about their progress.

Private and Public Sector Projects

  • Solar Project
  • Warehouse Project
  • Ring of Fire Project
  • Kenogami Forest Project
  • Mining Project

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