Business Services

Business services in Long Lake #58 First Nation are developed for the economic benefit of all our members and our participation in business ventures is always predicated on getting what is best for the overall well-being and development of our First Nation.

Given our strategic location at the junction of the Canadian National Railway and the Trans Canada Highway 11, we have a very unique position both locally and regionally. One of our goals in the future is to take advantage of this location and to work to advance opportunities for our membership.

Long Lake #58 First Nation is very proud to own and operate a number of its own businesses including:

  • General Store – which provides food, convections and other services;
  • Gas Bar – which services both local and Trans Canada 11 travellers; and
  • Subway Restaurant – which was the first on-reserve franchise to be located in Canada

In addition to our on-reserve businesses, Long Lake #58 First Nation is also involved in a number of joint ventures and partnerships that benefit our members including:

  • Long Lake Properties LP – which manages a building in Longlac that houses the Dilico Anishinabek Family Care operation;
  • Long Lake Aggregates Inc. – which manages an aggregates facility that is located less than 2 kilometers from the First Nation and provides a variety of aggregate products to a variety of end users; and
  • Landmark Inn – a hotel property in Thunder Bay where the First Nation has a partnership interest.

Over the next several years, and in order to be successful, Long Lake #58 First Nation will continue to look at new business opportunities and we hope to add to this list of owned businesses.

Business Development

One of the complaints about many First Nation’s is that they are not focused on business development and working with the private sector. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to Long Lake #58 First Nation.

For businesses interested in working in our traditional territory, you can find out how our First Nation does business by obtaining key documents from our administrative office including:

  • Consultation and Development Protocol – which tells you how our First Nation wants to be engaged; and
  • Labour Market Survey (2011) – which gives you an indication of the skills and abilities of the people who reside at the First Nation so you can plan on how to accommodate us.

We are proud to take a “business-first” approach to negotiations. We have long recognized that it is important to engage and support projects in our traditional territory since we all benefit when projects come to fruition. Agreements with firms such as Greenstone Gold, the Miller Group and Ontario Power Generation show our willingness to meet and discuss issues with industry partners that create mutual benefits and opportunities throughout our traditional territory.

For more information about industry partnership or our consultation protocol, please contact John O’Nabigon, Sr. at (807) 876-2292.

Future Business Development

The First Nation also has in place a waterfront development plan that would see significant tourist assets developed along the northshore of Long Lake in areas within the existing reserve.  Boardwalks, tourist lodge and cabins, marina, boat launch and interpretive center form the core of the proposed development.  In addition to the existing beach area, which will undergo an expansion, there will be new facilities for day users including picnic area, change rooms, washroom facilities and lit parking.  The First Nation hopes to have these waterfront development plans completed by 2020.

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